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Luxury Overnight Kennels

Our Overnight Kennels are fully supervised and temperature controlled 24 hours a day. We have an experienced dog handler that stays here all night whenever there is a pooch sleeping here. The suites are made of FRP side and rear paneling. The front doors are glass tempered to give each dog a great feeling while staying here. Under each side panel there is Silvis Seal, which is mounted to the ground to prevent any type of contamination to go from Suite to Suite. We make sure the entire facility is cleaned thoroughly every single day so the dogs are in a safe environment. Each dog gets a Kuranda Dog Bed in their space. These orthopedic beds are highly recommended by most vets. 

If your dog stays overnight, he/she will be playing for the entire day in the daycare area with other dogs. We do NOT believe in any dog staying in their suite for the entire duration of their stay. It is very important that all of the dogs get a lot of exercise while staying at Pleasant Grooming.

Each dog that stays overnight is required to pass a temperament assessment. He/she will also be required to come in for a minimum of 2 daycare visits to get them acclimated to our facility and employees. There is no charge for the temperament assessment but each daycare visit will be $33. The vaccinations that we require are Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies.

We are ONLY accepting Boarding reservations through our Client Portal or by email.  

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