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Obedience Training


Obedience Training Options


    4 Week Program: 


This program is designed to build a foundation by using consistency and repetition. We welcome your pup on Monday through Friday, with a drop off in the morning (~8:30AM) and pickup in the afternoon (before 5:00PM). We primarily concentrate on obedience, socialization, housebreaking (if needed), and all types of distractions. 


The obedience training consists of leash breaking, commands (heal, sit, laydown, recall, stay), and correcting certain behaviors. Obedience training is helpful in many situations. It will help alter behaviors such as jumping on people, or even counter surfing.


Socialization is another key aspect of our training program. Even if your pup doesn’t enjoy playing, it is still important that he/she learns how to interact with people and pups of all different ages. Once your pup is socialized, we then start working with distractions. The goal is to have complete control of your dog in every situation.


Each day of training consists of 5-6 outdoor lessons and playing in daycare with other dogs. After 2 weeks of working on the foundation, we then bring you, the owner, into the picture. We want to ensure that everyone working with your pup is on the same page. This is extremely important. We then continue with lessons once a week to reinforce the next steps of training. After the program is complete, we highly recommend coming back for follow up lessons at no cost. 


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    8 Week Program:


This is the 4 week program with more extensive training. It is directed towards younger dogs who need more repetition and consistency. We tailor the program based on your dogs needs. 


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    1 on 1 Private Lessons:


Each lesson time varies based on the dogs age. The younger they are, the shorter their attention span. The goal for each lesson is to teach you, the owner, our obedience training techniques and how to reinforce them at home. 


Please call for pricing

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