Puppies and Training

If you are looking for the ideal dog to join your family, let us help you.  We know the right questions to ask about particular  breeds, and we know the things to watch out for when dealing with breeders.  Every breed of dog is unique and has been bred for a specific purpose.  We will help to guide you as you select a breed so that your dog is the right fit for your family and lifestyle.  We want to make sure that the choice you make turns out to be a good choice for all.  We have an extensive network of professional breeders throughout North America, and we can help you to find the right dog.  


We also will assist you with choosing the right pet if you decide you would prefer to adopt.  We can tell you if the dog you are planning to adopt is good with other dogs or not, is dependable around children and strangers, and whether or not there are serious behavioral concerns.  We want your pet adoption to be successful for all, both for your family and for your new family member.  We know there are many dogs in need of homes, and we will help to make sure you adopt the pet that suits you.


Once you have decided on the pet that is right for you and your family, we will provide extensive training so that your dog learns how to behave in your home.  We will work with you and your family to teach you how to manage and control your pet.  We are committed to helping you enjoy your animal as much as possible.


We offer a variety of training programs, and we can adapt our programs to meet the needs of your family and pet



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